The inspiration for my work is spending time in nature journeying, walking paths through woods, by rivers, along valleys and taking time to look out at panoramic views that encompass all these and more. Not only have the larger aspects of the landscape inspired and captivated me such as clouds floating overhead and sweeping shadows across hills, but also the smaller elements such as a grass as it is blown about in a gentle breeze, a tiny acorn shell or a broken piece of bird’s egg fallen from a nest.

I always enjoy sketching when in landscape. Using a variety of medium and scale my paintings depict physical places, along with an internal imaginary space, which I often find when observing and walking in nature, so the pieces reflect a ‘crossing over’ or being present in ‘between time’. I was born and brought up in North Yorkshire, and as a child spent hours in the countryside exploring and playing, when one would set out for a day in the morning and reappear home in time for tea. Nature was a permanent backdrop to my life. Therefore my work is not only a reflection of my recent time spent predominantly in the Derbyshire landscape, but has to some extent also been a rediscovery for me. I hope you enjoy the results.

Thank you.

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