CONFIDENTIAL was created in collaboration with photographer Jackie Jones as part of the Adjoin project.

CONFIDENTIAL is a series of photographs taken of me by Jackie as I explored movement and restriction. As Jackie took photographs we talked about arthritis and what it is to live with the painful and debilitating disease. The use of the fabric came from me looking at Renaissance Art imagery – the heightened colour and the flowing fabric often present in images from that period of art history. Also using the idea of Renaissance as re-birth and how through creatively exploring aspects of one’s own life one can experience re-birth and renewal. The fabric hides me to see extent – as I often try to hide the disease I suffer from. The images were shown partially hidden by opaque paper and attached to clip boards. On the paper was printed medical language that described my x-rays over a period of ten years as the arthritis slowly destroyed the knee joint. The juxtaposition of medical language and quite intimate images, along with the need for the viewer to peer beneath the opaque paper to see the images, explored the often challenging experience of being examined, x-rayed and finally operated upon. I would like to thank Jackie for being so patient and for creating such powerful and beautiful images.