CAST is a body of work created in response to spending time in Bradford, Nottingham and Hull.

In each city I planned routes and whilst journeying sketched, made notes and took photographs. From this preparatory work I created bespoke exhibitions in each city with added elements from each urban walk, and by doing so made connections and a ‘thread’ from each place to the next. I used and combined a variety of media within each show – drawings, text, mono prints, photographs, porcelain cast objects and assemblage from found and made objects. CAST was a piece of work that revealed often hidden aspects of a city, and encouraged and enabled the viewer to see elements of a city often overlooked and passed by.

I have continued to develop the work through collecting, sketching and making. CAST enabled me to view and experience cities from several viewpoints and the work led me onto the theme of SHELTER and homelessness and the need for people to find shelter and sanctuary within cities. I am now completing a research and development project funded by Arts Council Making Ways into the political and social context that is the ‘backdrop’ to the current shortage of housing and increase in those in need of sanctuary. Through interviews and conversations with a range of organisations in Sheffield, I am gaining greater knowledge and understanding of the theme and exploring how I as an artist can create work that is participatory, informative and engaging.