Collaborative work between artist Trish O’Shea and orthopaedic surgeon Professor Mark Wilkinson.

ADJOIN is a project that explores how the personal experience can be ‘placed’ within and along side the clinical and factual. ADJOIN makes visual the physical, emotional and psychological affects that suffering from osteoarthritis has upon the self, one’s identity and experience of the world. Focused primarily upon my own experience of the condition, the intention is to highlight and raise more awareness of the condition of arthritis and reveal aspects of joint replacement (specifically knee replacement).


Really informative and in an imaginative and creative way.

Very accomplished work. Thank you for such a rich insight into your world. Thoughtful, delicate, powerful. I wish you all the best.

Absolutely brilliant!!

Excellent exhibition. Lovely photos – the rich colours and tones.

Fantastic and unlikely! Art and medicine/science – very interesting.

Well curated and thought provoking examinaton of your experiences. Love the tower of tablet trays. Juxtapositon of medical jargon with the cast off materials you took with you on the journey clever and interesting. . Lovely photos. Proud of you all!

A strong and moving response to the subject. I hope this gets seen in a hospital or GP practise so more people can see it.

Thank you for sharing these experiences mixed with really interesting facts and information. Cheers.

What a really creative, moving and educational display. Thanks.

A fantastic insight into what living with osteoarthritis is like. Mirrors rheumatoid arthritis in some respects. Fantastic exhibition – well done Trish and Mark.

Thank you, very interesting, has given me food for thought having lived with RA for 35 years. Also, thanks for providing the ramp to the gallery so I could see the exhibition!

Wonderful stuff Trish. Great to see your thought process and healing through the work.

A fascinating documentary about your journey through the pains and processes. I hope it heals. Lovely photographs.

Interesting juxtapostion of the intimacy of the photographs and the depersonalisation of the medical terms.

An uplifting exploration of osteoarthritis. I am on a similar journey. Maybe I can be more creative with it? Love the photos and the material bodies!

Loved the question sheets, photographs and excerpts from interviews and conversations. Overall a great insight into something I know very little about. I could feel your feelings almost.

Informative and very expressive imagery, thank you.

Very interesting and creative exploration of living with pain, and coming to terms with a degenerative condition. An uplifting exhibition.

Acupuncture, yoga, yoga joint freeing series, Reiki, milk thistle, homeopathic remedies, Panawmukthasana??? Rhux tox? Cheadonium??? Liver cleanse each equinox. All this comes from liver disturbance. I am guessing your eye sight may be effected too. Please, please give alternative therapies a chance before you deteriorate further.

Interesting juxtapositions – rewards the time taken to look. Well done Trish – nice photos Jackie!

Very insightful and interesting piece and understanding arthritis and the pain you endure. Great Artwork

Moving and beautiful Trish.

Reassuring to hear that I am not alone. Validating. Love the ‘Tower of Strength’!

I know about the pain of arthritis…

Thank you for sharing your experiences and findings. I love the idea of using embroidery. The drawings are beautiful – so intricate!

Really provoking display of photographs on clipboards. Makes me think how impersonal and ‘uniform’ the arthritis can be perceived by health staff and society. Your work really tries to add the personal to this.

An impressive and touching visualisation

A Multi faceted approach and a multi talented artist. The sewing stuff is great!

I haven’t had a diagnosis but I have knee and hip pain and think it runs in the female line of the family. My Mother has two replacement knees but still cries out in pain “my legs”!…. Thank you for this exploration.

This has helped me understand and appreciate what some friends and family have endured and are enduring. And I love the Art, love and beauty bits too!

I heard you had an exhibition so thought I would come and be inspired. I think it’s beautiful, very thought provoking and brave. Hope you are doing ok!

Drawing upon collaboration with academic orthopaedic surgeon Professor Mark Wilkinson, ‘ADJOIN’ is a project informed by clinical evidence and quantitative information along with the patient experience and personal challenges of living with arthritis. Mark has a specific interest in arthritis and its treatments and through our discussions an exchange of experience, knowledge and understanding forms the focus, inspiration and content for ADJOIN. The work explores a developing narrative that can be interpreted and shared using a variety of media such as photography, text, drawings and objects and is both factual and informative as well as autobiographical and personal. The intention is to share the resulting work with practitioners and patients in order to promote discussion about the development of tools and techniques, that could go towards enabling sufferers to communicate and share their experiences of the condition and of treatment, and thus help inform shared decision making in medical practice.

“It has been a delightful and inspiring experience working with Trish as she has developed the Adjoin project. It has been a collective learning experience for both of us along the way. I have shared some of my experiences as a surgeon treating patients with arthritis during our conversations. At the same time have learnt so much from Trish that has helped me better understand the human face of the disease.
Clinicians are generally confident in managing the care of patients suffering from arthritis. However, rarely do we have the opportunity to really get to know the person behind the disease, both their worries and hopes. I hope that in the bringing together of this project something of our shared-learning experience has been conveyed.
I have a particular interest in better understanding why some patients develop arthritis whilst others seem immune to its ravages. I am also interested in the workings of the shared decision-making process involved in making treatment decisions in arthritis. The exhibition material aims to display something of these insights into arthritis from both the patient’s and the doctor’s perspectives. It has been a very stimulating journey exploring these interests with Trish, and I am very grateful to her for sharing it with me”.

Mark Wilkinson 2017

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