About Me

I gained a degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Sheffield Hallam in 1983. My career in the Creative Industries spans over thirty years and in that time, as you can imagine, I have worked on many and varied projects. I also taught Art at secondary school level for sixteen of the years, and lectured at University level mainly with Architecture students around creative engagement and participation. I have never really defined myself as a ’type of artist’ but worked in a variety of media, and with different people and organisations in order to explore and realise ideas and fulfil commissions. Hence I have worked with film, photography, performance/spoken word, text, installation, 3D. Because of the huge range of work and exhibitions, I have been unable to include everything here on the site, which would make it all too unwieldy. I have included some photographs from various projects but have focused mainly upon where I am now in terms of my drawing and painting and current projects.

I have collaborated with some remarkable practitioners over the years from all kinds of backgrounds, who have inspired me and enabled me to produce work with them that I will always be proud of – and I am eternally grateful to them. I would like to mention in particular Jim Welch who inspired me to develop ideas around creativity in the work place and in the business context, Mike McCarthy for helping me to develop my participatory practise, Ruth Ben-Tovim with whom I formed Encounters (thank you), and choreographer and artist Simon Birch, with whom I have collaborated with over the years, and still do, and it is always a joy.